The Complete Process Of Tattoo Care

People think getting a tattoo is merely a style choice but one needs to know that it is actually a small procedure performed on your skin. It is said so because there is a needle piercing through your skin. Whenever there is an opening of the skin there is a risk of infection and injury. Someone asked me once “can tattoo healing stages go quicker?”

Helping heal the tattoos without any complications is why aftercare is required. Many states have made it mandatory that the tattoo artists give the instructions about post-care instruction to all their clients.

  • The first day when you come back with a tattoo and the bandage on it, make sure to ask how long you have to wait before you remove the bandage. Once you take off the bandage you will notice that there are traces of blood, clear liquid or excess ink which is completely normal. There will be redness of skin and a little bit of stinging sensation. Gently with clean hands wash this area.
  • By the third day as the skin heals the skin might appear opaque and blackish layer forms on top of the tattoo. To keep it clean wash it a couple of times and apply a moisturizer that doesn’t have fragrance and alcohol.
  • After 14 days of getting the tattoo, the black layer starts withering off however if it is not completely off don’t try to pluck them on your own since you might by mistake remove some ink out or make scars on the tattoo. Because of weathering of scab, there will be a lot of itchiness hence apply a lot of moisturizers. If the swelling and redness have not reduced by this time it is a sign that there is an infection. Visiting a doctor is a good idea at this point.
  • By the time it is almost a month post your tattoo, it will be free of scabs. There will be still dryness around the skin applying aftercare products will help. The upper layer will heal by now and for the lower layer to heal it might take a couple of months.